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October 2015 Newsletter



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Well, it's been a while between newsletters, and I can only plead that we have spent our time most productively increasing our stock back to our usual mammoth proportions, and also taking on new suppliers of Kashgar essentials - a beautiful new range of teas and tea accessories and also a locally made range of soy candles - but more on that later.

If you've been in to the store recently you've seen just how much new stock we've got -  incense, soaps, vintage posters, alabaster from Egypt, recyled teak organic bowls, rugs from Iran, cedar wood storage chests from Afghanistan and some gorgeous old textiles from Central Asia. Added to this is a new range of silk, cotton and cashmere scarves, Indian jewellery, kimonos from Japan and some beautiful Mexican handicrafts featuring Day of the Dead and the iconic Frida.

I've also added a couple of our recent articles for your reading pleasure. And if you would like to see an article on any subject related to the tribal world, please feel free to drop us a line with suggestions - or even a guest article. Happy to publish it!

We look forward to many continuing adventures and hope to see you in store at Kashgar soon.

All the best from

Ian, Linda, Bernie & Phoenix



Kashgar Bondi Junction

Larsen & Thompson Teas & Accessories

Are you a lover of all things tea? At Kashgar we've got what you need. Now stocking the incomparable Larsen & Thompson brand of teas, tea stacks and tea flowers. Founded in 1992 to pick the world's best teas and bring them home to Australia, the guys at Larsen & Thompson have no ties to specific gardens or regions, giving their tasters free reign to choose from the best of the best in any given season.

To compliment these wonderful teas (many of which are certified organic), Kashgar is now stocking a range of tea accessories, including Burmese green glazed tea jars, Yixing purpleware clay teapots and cups, hand painted Qing style Chinese tea bowls, gourd strainers and an old Kashgar favourite, Indian chai cups.

Kashgar tea

All things tea, from left to right:

Jungle Green, an Oolong style tea with a rich, earthy flavour, grown in Shan State, Myanmar and presented in a beautiful green glazed ceramic tea canister with wood lid - $49. Our Indian chai cups, still priced at $1 each. Yixing teapot, China $89 and Ming style handpainted glazed ceramic tea bowl $39. Yixing tea bowl ($9) and cup ($10), Keemun Mao Feng China black tea, $21 and a Yellow tea stack from Yunnan provence, $25.

Kashgar tea

chinese trays

Kashgar tea

Mrs Nargar & Co Soy Candles

Mrs Nargar & Co is a new Sydney based company creating the most beautiful hand poured scented soy candles we've ever seen. With a ton of different fragrances to choose from - try their Coconut Lime, Daily Grind, Vanilla Sweetpea or In Rio - and everything from tealights to wood wick full size candles in repurposed glass jars, these gorgeous candles are environmentally friendly and make the perfect gift.

kashgar soy candle

kashgar soy candle

kashgar soy candle

Random beautiful things, left to right:

A collection of miniature rattan and split bamboo containrs from southeast Asia, priced from $12. Vintage-style posters, beautifully printed on Italian paper. Only $8 each. Tillys Soaps, made in Australia by a family-owned company for the last 150 years. Scented with essential oils and food-grade ingedients, these beautiful soaps are only $2 a bar.


kashgar box


kashgar poster


kashgar soy candle

New to Kashgar, from left to right:

Natural hemp balls from Nepal, perfect for gift wrapping and other crafty projects, only $4 a ball. Marble mortar and pestle, $140. Afghani vintage textile, Koran holder $245.


kashgar hemp


kashgar marble


kashgar textile

Kashgar's Featured Articles

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kashgar necklaces

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