Kashgar is Back in Business!

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In August 2013 we announced in store that, after 22 years of business, we were shutting the doors of Kashgar forever. Since then we have been busy selling down our 3000 pieces of accumulated stock as well as all our fittings, props displays and fixtures. And making plans for the future, but always with a heavy heart at the ending of our beloved Kashgar.

Three weeks ago our landlord came to us with an offer of a greatly reduced rent if we stay on. And so with much deliberation...we've decided that Kashgar will live to fight another day.

In some ways we plan to reinvent Kashgar, and in other ways we plan a return to our roots. So Bernie is still retiring from the business and will shortly be heading off on his dream trip to Ethiopia. But on his future travels he will be seeking out all that's truly weird and wonderful and sending it back to us, just like in the old days.

We are already cock-full of new stock, including Chinese fruniture, Burmese and Indonesian collectables and our Nepalese blankets, shawls and scarves. And all the stock that was reduced as part of our final sale? That's all staying on sale, so we can start with a clean slate.

We look forward to many new adventures and hope to see you in store soon.

All the best from Ian, Linda, Bernie and Phoenix x





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