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For the past 20 years Kashgar has been quietly supplying the event, film and fashion industry with props, themes, set designs, jewellery, costuming and special finishing touches for exhibitions, product launches, runway shows, look books and corporate events.  And that's ok, because up until now we've been considered by the event and stylist industry to be one of Sydney's best kept secrets.  But for the very first time we decided to take our unique range of exotica to the world and chose RSVP, Sydney's premier event industry showcase.  Considered to be the single most important industry show for over 6,000 decision makers from the corporate and entertainment events world, we were in good company with 220 other exhibitors showcasing their special talents and products.  And what an amazing show it was!  We got to meet, experience and be inspired by the very best the industry has to offer and make our own small mark in turn.  Gorgeous topless boys, skating girls, gymnasts, trapeze artists, cupcakes and candy fountains mixed it up with oxygen bars, high profile venues-for-hire, clowns and top notch caterers. Can't wait to do it all again next year!

Topless Events and Kashgarour RSVP standRSVP Kashgar stand

From left to right: Goodness! Me and one of the Topless Events boys; this is what I look like after 3 coffees; tired but happy, what a great show!


More pictures to come!

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