Kashgar's Great Clearance Sale!

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We're offering the following great bargains in our furniture:

  • An exquisite 19th century Chinese four panel pierced and carved wood screen, reduced from $4,200 to $2,940
  • A beautiful scroll legged lute or sofa table, reduced from $2,346 to $1,720
  • Huge Indian hardwood temple reduced from $1825 to $1250 (we have two), a perfect stand out piece for a courtyard or indoors
  • Framed early 20th century Burmese temple carvings, gold lacquer and mirror work, reduced from $2900 to $1800
  • A matching pair of exquisite 19th century black lacquer northern elm wood and rattan side tables from Shanxi Provence, reduced from $1,159 to $900 each
  • Our beautiful 19th century opium leg northern elm wood day bed, reduced from $5,800 to $3,999
  • A Mogul style old courtyard door table, reduced from $2400 to $1920
  • A huge 4 door entertainment unit/cabinet, crafted aound a set of 200 year old Indian courtyard doors, reduced from $3000 to $2250
  • A match pair of tall Chinese medicine cabinets, reduced from $1980 each to $1485 each

This represents just a small selection of our sale pieces, with many more offers available!

Other items on sale include:

  • Our beautiful antique Heavenly Mother, a Qing Dynasty lifesize statue crafted from scented fir, reduced from $22,300 to $17,840
  • All remaining Burmese puppets are reduced by 50%
  • Traditional calligraphy brushes and stands are reduced by 50%
  • Monkey apple decorative balls - buy four, get one free!
  • Antique brass and copper tiffins and betel not containers are all reduced by 50%
  • Vintage silk saris - buy two, get 20% off both!
  • Our beloved and ever popular Tibetan tassels - buy two for $8 instead of $10!
  • Our collection of old Swat Valley window shutters are reduced from $220 to $120 each
  • Decorative Chinese fans are reduced from $38 to $20
  • An antique stone temple Ganesh statue is reduced from $2200 to $1400
  • A selection of our tribal statues are reduced by up to 25%
  • Jewellery pouches are now $5, reduced from $10!
  • West African carved cotton bobbins ae reduced to $89 from $68
  • Our delighful Rajasthani doll sets are reduced from $159 to $120 - buy a set of seven dolls, give them away individually as gifts!
  • Our antique Chinese apocothary scales are reduced from $1188 to $850
  • A framed Ganesha patachitra painting from Orissa provence, now reduced from $470 by 15%
  • Buy 10 bars of medimix soap and pay only $2 per bar instead of the normal $3!

These savings are available in store or on the web - if they are on there, since as many of you know, we have over 2000 different products in our store, far too many to mention here or list on our website.  If you can't come in, you can always enquire, shop and pay over the phone or via email and we'll arrange shipping, or you can pick up at your convenience! Yay! Happy shopping!

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