New Stock Just Arrived!

Added over 9 years ago

We have just unloaded and unpacked our latest 40 foot container from India and are bursting to the seams with exciting new stock, including such choice items as:






  • A beautiful new range of greeting cards made from agricultural waste and printed with the lush textiles of India (no trees were felled to make these cards!)
  • Book bound embossed leather A4 journals in both plain and ruled paper with hand-marbled edges.
  • Large sets of bookshelves crafted from antique door frames
  • An incredible ayurvedic soap from southern India called Medimix which took us two years to track down. Absolutely the best soap in the world - you can even use it on your face.
  • Erotic miniatures from the 1920’s painted onto camel bone panels.
  • Small Moghul style paintings on old Islamic book leaves and a series of old postcards from the 1930’s and 1940’s Raj, overpainted with Hindu iconography.
  • Victorian style birdcages – in different sizes and colours
  • Islamic style lanterns which can be easily adapted to use with electric lights
  • Old barber’s boxes
  • Candlesticks made from antique bed legs
  • Four-poster queen and king size beds.
  • Antique granite statues from the state of Gujarat
  • Three original antique wood and brass camel saddles
  • A selection of one-off low antique brass and iron bound dowry chests – they make fabulous coffee tables with built-in practical storage space
  • Fish candle lanterns, a huge Naga table cut from a single piece of wood, ships’ gimble lamps, a brass astrolabe and a lifesize antique brass-covered horse on wheels.

We will be uploading many of these items onto our online catalog assoon as possible, but feel free to drop into the store and visit it all in person if you’re in the area.  Or if you can't get into the store and want to see something specifc, drop us an email and we'll send you pictures of what you need!


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