Kathmandu Guest House Time Capsule

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Kathmandu Guest House Time Capsule

the Kathmandu Guest House Buddha Garden where the Time Cpsule will be interredTravellers either love the place (it's atmosphere and garden) or hate the place (it's shabby rooms and indifferent service), but anyone who's travelled to Kathmandu, Nepal knows the Kathmandu Guest House, launching site for numerous Everest expeditions and host to celebrity guests such as the Beatles and Jeremy Irons, to name but a few.

My father Bernard is one of the ones who loves the place, always ensconcing himself in a room overlooking the gardens before venturing out on buying excursions around the environs of the city (I refuse to stay there myself after one memorable and ill-fated visit, but that's another story).

Recently the Guest House contacted some of it's regular guests with an interesting proposition - they plan to create a Time Capsule, to be established and sealed on January 1, 2011 and opened on January 1, 2050, and are asking their guests to place something inside, either for a future loved-one or for future guests of the hotel. The Capsule will be interred in the KGH garden in front of the Buddha statue, and will be opened in 2050 by the senior most member of the Sakya Family (the Sakya Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism founded in 1073AD).  Suggested items to be interred include photos, cds, letters to future family member, predictions about the future, business cards and diaries.

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