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Camel Bone Trinket Cufflink Box

A perfectly formed, compact trinket box, hand crafted from wood overlaid with polished hand shaped panels of camel bone, which are then exquisitely hand painted.

This exquisite handmade box is very roomy inside and will make a beautiful men's jewellery box, cufflink box, gift box or presentation box.

Hand made in Rajasthan, India.

Measurements: 10 cm (3.9") x 8 cm (3.15"), height 4 cm (1.57")


A History of Camel Bone Art In India

Camel bone has been used in India from ancient times for making utility articles as well as decorative ones. It is the ultimate in recycling and eco-responsible craftsmanship as it allows every part of the noble camel to be used after death. The art of camel bone decoration reached its peak in Mogul times, but is now considered a dying art form. Award-winning master craftsman and art conservationist Zakir Hussain has embarked on a crusade to protect the art of camel bone carving and decoration from dying out by instigating a  mentorship program in conjunction with the Indian government.

Hussain says, “ I have seen a number of crafts at the brink of death in Rajasthan, and I make a point to speak about it during every summit or conference I attend. We have created a number of camel bone artefacts... What we need is a place to exhibit and sell these handicraft forms which is easily accessible to the public, locals and tourists alike.

Project Kalayatra


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