Tibetan Tinder Pouch

Antique leather tinder pouch or Chuckmuck, consisting of a stiff leather purse with a thick curved steel striker attached by rivets to its base and a loop at the top to attach to a belt or strap. Tinder and pieces of flint or quartz are kept inside the pouch to quickly start a fire.

The tinder pouch was an essential tool for a travelling nomad.

This piece is mounted on the front with a heavy studded decorative plaque and is inlaid with a red coral stone. At the top is an iron rIng to allow the tinder pouch to be hung from a strap.

This is an excellent example of antique tinder pouch with patina and wear evident.

This piece was collected by Bernard Heaphy in Tibet in the 1980s.

Material: yak leather, steel, bronze with inlay coral  stone.

Size (w x h x d): 4.75 inches x  2.5 inches x 20mm

Age: 18th/19th Century