Antique Fire Gilded Silver Uzbek Pendant

Uzbeki round disk pectoral pendant finished with applied embellishment and set with glass cabochon stones. Very high grade silver with a faint wash of 24K gold over the front face, applied via a traditional technique called fire gilding. At the back is a button of silver, designed to sit flush in a buttonhole.

This is a very old pendant dating to the early 19th century, making it close to 200 years old. It was collected by my father, Bernard Heaphy, in the 1980's out of Afghanistan.

This piece of outstanding tribal jewelry is both wearable and collectable - it is of museum quality.

  • Tribal jewellery from Uzbekistan, Central Asia.
  • Very high grade silver - 925 silver equivalent with a faint 24K gold wash
  • Early 19th century
  • Very wearable tribal silver



Diameter 9.5 cm (3.75 in)


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