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Bronze Antique Kali Statue

Heavy bronze statue of Kali with four arms, standing on Shiva, both on a lotus pedestal, holding a curved sword, severed head and skull cup to catch the blood. Her fourth hand displays the gesture (mudra) of blessing. She is wearing a girdle of severed arms and a garland of skulls around her neck and is covered by her long, wild, disheveled hair. This depiction is unusual in that her sword is held in a right hand rather than a left one. While she steps on Shiva with her left foot, she is positioned with her right foot forward, proclaiming the right handed, virtuous path of Tantra.

This statue is approximately 200 years old (circa 1800) and has ben extensively used for worship. Her face, the garland of skulls and the severed head are all quite rubbed. There are traces of pigment over the surface of the statue.

Measurements: height 14 cm, width approx 8 cm.

You can read more about the goddess Kali in our article here.

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