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Vintage Tribal Rabari Embroidered Wedding Shawl (Ludhi)

Called a ludhi, this is a vintage embroidered, mirrored and hand dyed Rabari (probably Vaghadia Rabari) wedding shawl, in excellent condition. 

Made from hand loomed goats wool, dyed with henna and indigo in a graded aubergine colour, painted in a distinctive dot pattern, then heavily embroidered in ribbon stitch with tribal symbology. The shawls take up to 6 months to construct and are made as dowry pieces for a Rabari girl's wedding. They are now rare as tribal customs die out across India - the shawls, once representing the wealth of a family because of the time taken to embroider them, have been supplanted by modern symbols of wealth and are no longer being made.

This particular example has very wide band terminal bands as well as central panels of embroidery, making it an excellent and valuable piece.
Measurements: 3 m x 95 cm

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