Kashgar - Life for the Modern Nomad

Life for the Modern Nomad

Unusual, handmade, beautiful, sustainable.
A collection spanning 2 decades,
25 countries & over 50 tribal cultures

"This beautiful photograph was taken by photographer Steven Chee for Australian Fashion Week in 2009, in collaboration with Absolut vodka.  Our Afghan "waistcoat", basically a very simple mirror-work embroidered double band with coin decoration and metal tasseled ends, was used to clothe the upper body of the model and strategically hide her nipples.  Waistcoats and belts like these are worn by Kutchee women on special occasions, adding further embellishment to often highly decorated clothing.  Coins are a symbol of wealth and status, while small mirrors are typically worn to reflect light and frighten off evil spirits."
- Linda Heaphy

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