Afghan Tribal Silver Opium Poppy Hoop Earrings

Traditional handmade Baluch Afghan tribal silver hoop earrings decorated at the base with a stylised opium poppy pod. Made from very high grade silver.

The wire is app. 2 mm (0.07 in) thick at the top and cannot be worn in a standard piercing - it would need to be stretched a very small amount. 

These tribal earrings date to the early 20th century (approximately 80 years old) and were personally collected by my father Bernard Heaphy, during the 1980's in Afghanistan.

  • Tribal silver earring hoops
  • Worn by Baluchi and Kutchi women in Afghanistan
  • Opium poppy design
  • Very high grade silver - 925 silver equivalent

 Excellent quality and workmanship.


Weight 20g (both)
Diameter approx 4.5 cm (1.75 in)


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