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Antique Afghan Uzbek Silver Pendant

This old tribal pendant is a hybrid Baluch Afghan Uzbeki piece which has undergone several transformations in its very long life. It consists of a custom built solid plaque of backing silver set with sturdy loops, to which a highly embellished piece of Uzbeki decorative work has been attached to the front by four small silver clips. At various times of its life this pendant has been decorated with enamel work, now largely worn off, and was probably once set with decorative glass panels, although all stone settings have been carefully hammered flat. The pendant may once have been fire gilded with 24K gold. Set with silver dangles and small bells along it's base and sides, and silver chains attached to a ring at the top, giving it a very Baluch Afghan feel. The chains are further embellished with small plaques of silver set with stone settings, partially filled with modern glass "gems", and the round plaques were once covered in dark red enamel.

Collected by my father in the 1980's out of Afghanistan, this is an unusual and very wearable piece of tribal jewellery.

Its age is difficult to determine - the front panel is likely early 18th century (up to 300 years old) while the back panel, chains, bells and dangles likely date to the mid 20th century

  • Afghan Uzbek tribal pendant
  • High grade silver - 925 silver equivalent
  • Front panel likely 18th century while the surrounds are mid 20th century
  • Unusual and very wearable piece of tribal jewellery


Total height including chain and dangles 14.5 cm (5.75 in)
Plaque dimensions 4 cm w x 5 cm h (1.6 x 2 in)

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