Miniature Dhyani Buddhas in Solid Copper

These perfect miniature Buddhas are very finely cast from solid copper and together form a grouping known as the Dhyani Buddhas, representing the five qualities of the Enlightened One. They are, from left to right:

Ratnasambhva (Varada or Gift Bestowing Mudra)
Akshobhya (Bhumisparsa or Witness Mudra)
Vairochana (Dharmachakra or Teaching Mudra)
Amoghshiddhi (Abhaya or Protection Mudra)
Amitabha (Dhyana or Meditation Mudra)

Hand crafted in Nepal, we buy these buddhas directly from the artisan who creates them, a former Tibetan refugee. These statues have been blessed.

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Please note: we no longer have entire sets available

Measurements: Height 3.5 cm, width 2.5 cm, depth 1.5 cm