Lilac Amethyst Drop Earrings

Called Cape Amethyst, this exquisite lilac amethyst originates in South Africa. These very elegant amethyst teardrop earrings feature a beautiful mount and hook. Visually stunning yet light and easy to wear all day long.

  • Natural Cape amethyst stones blend purple amethyst with milky quart zfor stunning effect 
  • Sterling silver hooks and mounts
  • Light and easy to wear

Measurements: length including ear hook 4.5 cm (1.75") 

Metaphysical properties of Cape Amethyst:

Cape Amethystis one of those rare stones that combines the metaphysical attributes of two different stones, amethyst and milky quartz. It is a purifying stone and has excellent healing ability, easing headaches, treating hearing disorders, releasing tension, reducing bruising and swelling. It also fills the heart with the energy of love. Like amethyst, it protects against drunkenness.