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Ma Durga Goddess Print by BG Sharma

An rare and original B.G. Sharma print of Ma Durga. In this depiction she has 18 arms, each holding a different instrument and rides her lion, while slaying demons on the battlefield.

Bhanwar Lal Girdhari Lal Sharma (1924 - 2007) is recognised as the foremost painter of Indian religious paintings. He is famous throughout India and abroad for his originality in composition, design and ornamentation, and influenced and inspired many other artists around the world.  He is accomplished in the traditional schools of Kangra, Kishangarh, and Mughal painting and developed a unique style (the Sharma Style) that has contributed significantly to both traditional and contemporary Indian art.

This is an original print, circa 1950, published by Sharma Picture Publications. It is in its original frame.

Measurements: 56 x 40.5 cm


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