Silver Hand Painted Miniature Ganesh Shrine

Exquisite miniature hand painted Jain shrine depicting Ganesh seated on a throne rich with embroidered cloths on a beautiful dark blue Persian carpet. He sits in a pavilion of gold painted marble before a garden of palms and lotuses, with rolling hills and white clouds in the background. He is crowned and bedecked with beautiful jewels formed from tiny gold granules, and around his neck he wears two necklaces set with small red rubies. In one hand is a white lotus flower, in the other is a mala of black beads and in another he holds a bowl of his beloved ladoo sweets, while another bowl of sweets rests at his feet, along with his faithful mouse companion. This entire work of art is embellished with 24 karat gold paint and is set within an embellished silver frame, backed with silver and set with a bail at the top for hanging, as well as with a hinged silver stand.

Mid 20th century, Rajasthan, India.

Measurements: 9 cm diameter