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Zuni Knifewing Vintage Sterling Silver and Stone Bracelet

A beautiful wrought sterling silver vintage old pawn cuff or bracelet, Zuni Native American, circa 1960, depicting Knifewing, the half man, half eagle Zuni spirit with razor sharp feathers made of flint. He is created from channel inlayed turquoise, jet and mother of pearl. No hallmarks.

Measurements: height of Knifewing 3.7 cm, diameter at widest point 6 cm, with some room to open or close as needed

“This curious god is the hero of hundreds of folklore tales, the tutelary deity of several societies of Zuni. He is represented as possessing a human form, furnished with flint knife-feathered pinions, and tail. His dress consists of the conventional terraced cap (representative of his dwelling place among the clouds). His weapons are the Great Flint-Knife of War, the Bow of the Skies (the Rainbow), and the Arrow of Lightning. His guardians or warriors are the Great Mountain Lion of the North and that of the upper regions. He was doubtless the original War God of the Zunis.”

Anthropologist Frank Hamilton Cushing, who lived with the Zunis from 1879-1884 


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