Fine Sterling Silver Snake Chain - 1 mm Diameter

1 mm diameter fine snake chain in three lengths

These very high quality, nickel-free silver snake chains are simply the best in the world.

German-made from 93.5% silver (rather than the usual 92.5% standard for sterling silver), our tarnish-resistant unisex chains are hardened with jewellery-grade copper and are completely nickel-free, a must if you suffer from a nickel allergy. 

In addition, these beautiful silver chains have undergone Pronice treatment which utilises nanotechnology to interact with the silver at a molecular level. The result is tarnish-free, bright silver that only requires occasional wearing or a wipe with a silver cloth to retain a perfect shine.

These stunning snake chains feature a sturdy parrot clasp and are fitted with a narrow bail at the other end to ensure that even the smallest of pendants will comfortably fit.

Completely unisex, these chains are suitable as men's jewellery or woman's jewellery.

Select your preferred length from the pop-down menu


Short - chain length 40 cm/16"
Medium - chain length 45cm/18"
Long - chain length 50cm/20"