Stone Mesopotamian Seals (Reproduction)

These are somewhat out of the ordinary - reproduction Mesopotamian seals, hand carved in Afghanistan from stone and almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Both are covered in inlay carvings of people, horses, mythical beings and plant fronds and will work as seals are intended to do - ie to leave a raised, continuous impression on wet clay or a negative impression when inked rolled out onto paper.

Perfect for use as authentic historical film or television props, these stone beads are drilled right the way through and could be easily strung on a cord, so they would make a fascinating centrepiece for a necklace or costume. Perfect for use by arists working with clay or paper. Or really, just as a talking piece for the home.


  • Black stone: 5.5 cm ( 2.2") length x 2 cm (0.8") diameter 
  • White stone: 6 cm ( 2.4") length x 2 cm (0.8") diameter

Price is per bead