Antique Afghan Tribal Silver Bracelet

Made from very high grade silver, this women's hinged bracelet or cuff comes from Quetta. Afghanistan, and according to my father who collected it, is Afridi in origin.

Made using hollow construction and comprising a sturdy hexagon profile, this bracelet is hinged and features several florets of silver set with glass stones in red, blue and green, as a well as high profile reverse screw fastening decorated with a glass stone and what appears to be two stylised half opium poppies. Due to the age of the piece, several of the stones are missing.

The use of colourful glass and the hexagon profile suggest an Uzbek origin rather than an Afghan one.

Dating to at least the late 19th century, this beautiful bracelet is a very wearable piece of antique tribal jewelry. 

  • Very high grade silver
  • Glass stones in the Uzbek style
  • Afghan or Uzbek in origin

Measurements: Inside diameter 4.8 x 4.6 cm