Blue Stone And Silver Bracelet

Blue stone bracelet with sterling silver bead detailing. Elasticised stringing for a seamless look.

  • Dyed howlite stone gives a turquoise look without the price tag
  • Sterling silver bead highlights

    Measurements:our bracelet comes in two sizes:

    small - wrist diameter 14 cm
    large - wrist diameter 17 cm 

    As with any elasticised bracelet, it is best taken on and off by holding the fingers straight together and gently rolling the bracelet on and off.

    Metaphysical properties of howlite:

    Howlite is naturally white stone that has calming properties, reducing the wearer's levels of stress and anger, as well as any anger that is directed towards them. It absorbs negative energy and may assist in reducing insomnia as it relieves an overactive mind.