Labradorite Necklace With Pāua Pendants

A stunning necklace of rounded labradorite chip stones set with three tribal Pāua pendants designed to highlight the iridescent quality of the natural stone. This necklace is finished with a sterling silver hook clasp.

  • Pāua pendants compliment the opalescent nature of the labradorite
  • Sterling silver clasp and detailing
  • Natural labradorite stone necklace
  • Strung on premium stringing monofilament for true lasting quality
Measurements:length 47.7 cm (18.75"), longest pendant 3.8 cm length (1.5")  

Metaphysical Qualities of Labradorite:

 is traditionally considered to be a healing stone, treating disorders of the eyes and brain as well as colds, gout, menstrual tension and rheumatism. It is said to lower blood pressure, aid in digestion, stimulate mental activity, and assist to relieve anxiety and stress.