Red Coral Choker Necklace

Our simple coral necklace features red coral heshi beads finished with a sterling silver beads and hook clasp. A smart and elegant Southwest style choker that can be worn by men or women.

  • Bamboo coral is dyed and is responsibly sourced from the Pacific Ocean
  • 925 sterling silver beads and hook clasp
  • Southwest look
  • Unisex necklace - can be worn as men's jewellery or women's jewellery

Measurements: 45 cm (17.75"), diameter of beads 7 mm

Metaphysical properties of coral:

Coral comes in a range of different natural colours, with red being one of the most highly valued. Holding the spiritual energy of the ocean, coral can help you release unhealthy thoughts and emotions, transforming the inner self in a more positive way. Red coral (natural or dyed) is highly sought after amongst tribal communities and is universally believed to ward off evil spirits and help bring about good luck to the wearer.