Pair Of Bronze Naga Cuffs - Headhunter Arm Ornaments

Early 20th century or earlier Konyak Naga tribal yellow bronze patterned open cuff, of the type known as an heirloom bangle (Jacobs – The Nagas, page 264-265).

This cuff pair is each decorated and divided with eight raised circular lugs or buttons, and three raised band borders. The lugs are crafted in the form of extending cylindrical buttons standing out from circular fields of concentric circles. The band borders enclose two rows of 5 stylised heads, which may represent actual taken heads, and also border the cuffs at their vertical edges.

These cuffs are tapered from top to bottom to better fit the wrist. Cast via the lost wax method. Traces of use are evident, along with patina.

To find a matching pair of these large decorative cuffs is exceptionally rare. In general, it is very difficult to find genuine pieces of Naga jewellery outside of private collections and museums.


Personally collected by my father Bernie Heaphy several decades ago on one of his trips to Nepal and India.


  • Length 9.8 cm (3.75")
  • Inside top width 5.9 cm (2.2.4"), bottom width 6.8 cm  (2.75")