Shiva Lingam Stone

These beautiful shiva lingam stones are the real thing.

Originating in India, each is a sacred, naturally formed jasper stone collected on the banks of the mighty Narmada River, the boundary between south and north India. A shiva stone assists to intensify the pranic energy and vitality within the body. Used extensively by Shivite practitioners, they are associated with the Crown Chakra, where we connect to the higher self and raise kundalini energy. They are considered to be associated with water energy, and are also a powerful aide in connecting the lower three chakras to the consciousness, thereby symbolising the unity of being.


Large: 16 cm (6.25") x 6 cm (2.3")

Medium: 10.5 cm (4.25") x 4 cm (1.5")

Small: 3 cm (1.25") x 1.8 cm (0.75")

Select your preferred shiva stone from the drop down menu. Note that as every stone is unique, the patterning is different on every stone, and all are uniquely beautiful. Price is per single piece.